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French Pronunciation Audio

A French Pronunciation Audio is by far the best tool to learn how to properly pronounce French words and French phrases. Download a French pronunciation guide here:

When learning French, one of the difficulties for French students is the difference in pronunciation between i.e. the English language and the French language. There are sounds in the French language that do not exist in the English language.

It's important to immediately start to pronounce all French words correctly. A French pronounciation guide will help you to achieve this, but the most efficient way is by hearing how a French word is pronounced and the repeating this very sound immediately.

French Pronunciation Audio

After all, this is the way we learned our first language, so you can be assured that this method will work just as well now, that you are learning French as a second language!

Learning the pronunciation of French words in this way will allow you to avoid lengthy problems and corrections of your French accent later. My suggestion is that you actually ONLY listen to French audios for the first few months of your French training, and only once you have mastered the correct French pronounciation and have developed a good French diction you should start using other tools to further your French language skills.

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